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Variant Configuration Tables/Tcodes
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Tables: CUKB : Dependency CUCO : Variant tables CABN/CAWN – Characteristics CABNT/CAWNT – Characteristics descriptions AUSP – Characteristics Value TCLA- Class type TCLAT – Class type Text TCLT – Classifable objects TCLC – Classificaton Status Tcodes: CT04 – Creation of Characteristics           CL01/CL02/CL03/CL04- Creation of Classes / Change of Class/Display of Class/Delete of Class MM01/MM02/MM03 –…

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Variant Configuration Steps
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Variant Configuration steps in SAP :• Creation of Characteristics CT04 • Creation of Classes CL02 • Creation of Configurable Material MM01• Creation of Dependency CU01• Creation of Configuration Profile CU41 • Creation of Variant Conditions VK30• Creation of SD Pricing Conditions VK11 1. Creation of Characteristics in SAP : Characteristics describes the properties of the…

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Variant configuration – Overview
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What is Variant Configuration?It is a tool which helps to simplify the complex manufacturing of final product with more varieties and Variation of the input material. e.g. Automobile manufacturing, Furniture manufacturing Variant configuration helps a To ensure right choice is delivered Easy for the sales person to select Communication is fast and clear Ensures production…

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